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Van fitted with specialist cleaning equipment

Vehicles with modern Van Mounted Water Temperature controlled machinery.

No Noise

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No Fuss Deep Cleaning Process

using American water based biodegradable cleaning fluids which are child and pet friendly.

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Bane Clene is a superior method to many conventional alternatives in use today for cleaning Carpets, Rugs and Fabric Upholstery.

Operating on a test proven principle maximum efficiency and gentler handling is achieved through controlling both vapour and the pressure used during cleaning.

While many Carpet Cleaners use a high pressure up to 1000psi with water heated to near boiling, Bane Clene uses a much lower pressure of 80-150psi with precise temperature control, this combined with a Hish air Velocity in the Vacuums Process safely and gently removes soiling and staining without wetting the Carpet or Upholstery backing which can cause shrinking or stretching, colour bleeding etc.

Because 95% of the Biodegradable cleaning solution is extracted the carpet/upholstery dries faster and stays cleaner longer.

A major benefit in the operation is that only the technician, operator and the cleaning hose enter the house/premises, allowing an efficient quiet work schedule.

Stain Guard is a water or solvent based product which can be Professionally sprayed directly on to your Brand new or just cleaned soft furnishings.

Stain guard coats the individual fibres of your Carpets, Rugs, Sofas or Fabric Upholstery creating a barrier and reducing penetration of stains or soiling whilst not allowing Liquid Spillages to absorb quickly giving time to respond when an accident happens.

Stain Guard acts as an agent allowing soiling and stains to be removed when professional cleaning is carried out helping maintain colour, vibrancy and extending the life of your soft furnishings.

Stain guard is a visible barrier when dried and cured with no odour and will not change the feel or appearance of your soft furnishings.

House dust mites are the most common cause of allergic symptoms worldwide.

Professional steam cleaning with extraction working on a mattress for ten minutes with temperatures at 105 DC (221oF) will eradicate existing mites.

The same process care can remove body fluid, soiling, staining etc.

Davenport Professional Leather Care

An average time to professionally clean a Leather Suite can be 2-3 hours.

Gentle Aqueous Cleaning is applied one panel at a time, with great care and attention to detail using various grades of specialist brushes is the main part of the cleaning process.

Soiling is removed with warm absorbent clothes before dying, Conditioners and Beeswax can be applied to leave a soft fresh quality finish.

Upholstery and Carpet Care Tips

Rotate Cushions and plump up regularly where possible.

Fixed Cushions should be vacuumed every 7-14 days to prevent dust settlement and soil build up.

Liquid spillages –

  • Blot up immediately with kitchen towel, sponge or soft cloth to absorb the majority of the spillage
  • With a clean cloth and look warm water remove the remainder of the spillage working from the edge to the middle
  • Repeat this process until the spillage has been rinsed.
  • Allow fabric to dry naturally. Avoid hair-dryers , Scrubbing or rubbing.

Solids should be softly brushed off of the fabric or gentle vacuumed.

To help maintain the condition of your soft furnishings and have them looking their best for years Davenport recommend Professional Cleaning every 12-18 months depending on use.

Dirty marks should wipe away from most Finished Leathers with a damp soft cloth or sponge.

Avoid soaps and detergents as they are likely to dry or discolour the leather.

If you have light coloured leather be aware that colour from jeans or dark non colour fast clothing can transfer to your furniture and can cause major discolouration.

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