Davenport Cleaning Services

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Specialists

The Carpet & Upholsetery Steam Cleaning Specialists
Couch cleaning techniques used in a living room
Expert carpet cleaning & upholstery restoration knowledge.

Cleaning Services

Stain Guard
Treatment Applicators

Sofa Cleaning
Dye Removal

Rug Cleaning
Expertly Cleaned & Treated

Leather Upholstery Cleaning
Cleaned & Conditioned

Mattress Cleaning
Stain Removal & Sanitisation

Vinyl Cleaning
Professional Cleaning

Suite Cleaning
Stains gently removed from Fabric

Carpet Cleaning
Remove stains and discolouration

Our Clients

We have a wide range of clients across the East, Central and West of Scotland which include both domestic and commercial.


Approved contractors for 

  • Care Homes, pubs, clubs and restaurants across Scotland


  • 1 Bedroom flat to a multi-room mansion
  • Communal stairs and landings
  • Private Dwellings
  • Landlord end of let services

About Us

Davenport was established in 1994. We are a family run business. We strive to give customer satisfaction.

Rug and carpet steam cleaning is done on a daily basis, also Fabric Upholstery steam cleaned with anti stain protection applied if required. Leather sofas and chairs cleaned and conditioned removing dye transfer achieving outstanding results.

We are open every day from 8am to 8pm. Cleaning can be done outwith these hours. If you require any information on your soft furnishings please call 0141 848 0512.

Van fitted with specialist cleaning equipment

For exterior steam cleaning please visit www.landscapelaserclean.co.uk